Don’t Let a Tire Spoil Your Trip

Drivers should always be prepared for the inevitable, and flat tires are one of the most common mishaps on the road today. Vehicles are designed so most people can make a simple tire change, and a little knowledge is the difference between being stranded or not.

Make sure your vehicle is on a flat surface when you identify the need to change a damaged tire. Gather your tire changing kit and spare and loosen (don‘t remove) the lug nuts of the flat tire. Use the jack to raise your vehicle until the flat tire clears the surface. Remove the lug nuts and the tire, replacing it with the spare. Push your spare back onto the tire housing as you put on and slightly tighten the lug nuts. Lower the car to the ground and complete the tightening.

Before you embark on any trip this driving season, bring your vehicle to Billion Automotive in Sioux Falls, SD and we’ll inspect it for potential tire and other damage. Our professional technicians will replace defective parts with high-quality inventory that will give you peace of mind. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Source: Billion CDJR

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