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How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car Battery


How long do car batteries last? On average, it’s recommended you replace your car battery every three to four years. However, this can vary depending on your car and personal driving habits. Nobody wants to start their day by realizing their car battery is dead, so understanding the signs of a dying battery is essential - that way, you can bring in your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, FIAT vehicle to our service center before that happens. Keep reading to learn more about the average vehicle battery life and the basics of a car battery change with Billion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT below!

What is the Average Vehicle Battery Life?

If you ask Sioux City drivers, “How long do car batteries last?”, you’ll probably receive different answers. While some might tell you to wait five or six years to get a car battery change, others might say the average vehicle battery life is only one to two years. However, to avoid any issues, it’s best to schedule a car battery change every three to four years. 

Car battery replacements are just as important to your car as regular oil changes, tire services, and brake services. During these services, your battery is inspected as part of the process to ensure its working correctly. While the average vehicle battery life is typically three to four years, numerous factors can shorten its lifespan. 

What Shortens a Car Battery’s Lifespan?

You might need a car battery change sooner depending on several different factors, including: 

  • Personal Driving Habits: If you leave your car sitting for extended periods or make lots of short trips around Brookings, this may be weakening your car’s battery. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that you avoid using headlights, interior lights, or other in-vehicle technology while your engine is off. 
  • Climate & Location: If you are often driving in a hot climate, this weakens your car battery more than it would if you were driving in a cool environment. Additionally, you should always try to park in the shade, so your battery doesn’t overheat. 

What Are the Signs Your Car Battery is Low? 

Understanding the signs of a dying battery is crucial so that you can identify the problem before you find that your car doesn’t start. Here are some key indicators of a failing battery:

  • Check engine light has turned on
  • Engine is sluggish/slow to start
  • Lights are dimmer than usual 
  • Cell phone charger, heated seats, or other in-car technology not working
  • Corrosion has built up on the outside of the battery
  • Battery case is swelling/misshapen 

If your car battery is almost three years old or more, it’s time to stop by the service center for a battery load test to ensure it’s still in good condition and determine when you need a replacement.

Car Battery Replacement Service at Billion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT

Our trained technicians here at Billion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT are dedicated to providing expert battery service for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, FIAT vehicles near Mitchell. You can easily schedule service with our online form, or if you have any additional questions about a car battery change in Sioux Falls, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 888-653-1783! Wondering what to do in case you find yourself with an empty battery on a cold winter road? Learn more about winter emergency kits with us today!

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