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What is Tire Rotation?

Mechanic with Tires


It’s not unusual for us to hear, “What is tire rotation?” from our customers, especially if they’ve been driving a lot of miles on the rougher roads of Sioux City and discover that their tires are wearing out faster and unevenly. What does tire rotation do? It promotes even, healthy tire wear that can preserve the life of your tires, keep you safe, and even improve your fuel economy no matter where you’re driving in the Brookings area. Learn what tire rotation means in detail and other car care tips with Billion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT!



What Does Rotating Tires Mean?

When you consider what tire rotation is, it’s just like it sounds: your tires are moved from one position on the vehicle to another. Tires wear differently depending on where they’re located on your vehicle. This allows each tire to experience a similar amount of wear. Most cars carry more weight in the front, which makes the front tires wear out faster. In front-wheel drive vehicles more power is sent to the front axle, which makes the front tires wear out faster. The driver’s side front tire might experience more wear, so moving it to the passenger side rear position will give it a break. Your vehicle’s drivetrain will affect how your tires wear and the tire rotation pattern that’s going to work best for it. 

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

Rotating tires means giving your tires a chance to wear evenly. It should be done when you have your oil changed to keep you running great on Mitchell streets. Here’s what rotating tires means to the life of your tires: 

  • Better Traction: Tire wear equals losing tire tread depth, which reduces traction. A loss of traction can lead to losing control of your vehicle and having an accident. Prevent those accidents in advance by making sure you don’t have one tire with less traction than the others by having your tires rotated. 
  • Prevent Blowouts: Another potential hazard of losing tire tread depth is the potential for having a blowout. You can lower your chances of a potential blowout when you rotate your tires regularly. 
  • Improve Performance: When your tires have even wear, your driving experience isn’t just safer, but more pleasant. You’re less likely to feel vibrations from tire wear. 
  • Maximize Efficiency: Worn tires create drag, strain the engine, and increase your fuel consumption.

Trust Your Tires to the Service Team at Billion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT

Now that you know what tire rotation is, make sure you get your tires rotated every six months or with every 5,000-8,000 miles of wear. The service department at Billion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT can rotate your tires quickly and affordably. Schedule service with us when it’s time for a tire rotation! Learn what tire tread and other car care tips like how to fill your car with air with Billion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT!

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